Government Warning about Certain CBD Product Companies

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FDA CBD 2015 Warning

FDA CBD 2015 Warning

Government Warns about CBD Companies with bogus product contents

“Consumers should beware purchasing and using any such products”
– The U.S. Government

The FDA performed multiple tests on many cbd and hemp oil products created by many different companies. The results were not very impressive and this may have angered the department when finding out the products did not contain exactly what was labeled.

  • The FDA tested two separate samples of “UltraCBD,” sold by CBD Life Holdings LLC (a one ounce bottle costs $45 on their website or Amazon). Of the samples tested, one did not contain any cannabinoids — CBD or otherwise — while the second contained only .02% CBD. Of all products tested by the FDA that were found to contain some CBD, the “UltraCBD” products contained the smallest percentage.
  • The FDA tested seven products sold by California-based Hemp Oil Care. Of the products tested, three products — Hemp Pure Vape E-Drops: Peached, ‘Hemp Honey 21% Cannabidiol Oil’, and Hemp Honey CBD Vape Oil – Blueberries & Cream all tested negative for cannabinoids. Three flavors of Cibdex Hemp CBD Complex Drops (peppermint, unflavored and vanilla) all contained .3% CBD. The final product tested, Cibaderm Hemp Salve contained no CBD but did contain .2% cannabidiolic acid (CBDA).
  • The FDA tested four products offered by Natural Organic Solutions and sold at Two of those products, “CBD Oil Extract Capsules (500mg – 10 Capsules)” and “21% CBD Hemp Oil Treatment” tested negative for cannabinoids. Of the remaining two products tested, “Real CBD Extract – CBD (Cannabidiol) Cannabis Extract Capsules (1500mg – 30 Capsules)” contained .5% CBD, .2% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), .1% CBDA, .03% THCA (tetrahydrocannabinol acid); while their “26% CBD Hemp Oil Treatment” was found to contain .14% CBD, .45% THC, and .05% CBDA.
  • The FDA tested Arisi-Tol, made by Twin Falls Bio Tech LLC, and found that their product, which sells for $99.95 for a one month supply, contained .2% CBD.
  • The FDA also tested two manufacturers of CBD products marketed for pets. From Washington-based Canna Companion LLC, the FDA tested “Canna Companion Capsule Size: 4” and found that the product contained .1% CBD, .1% THC, .3% CBDA and .9% THCA. Three products from Canna-Pet LLC were also tested, with “CBD Wedges – Canna-Biscuits for Dogs” testing negative for cannabinoids, “Canna-Pet for Cats” containing .5% CBD, and “Canna-Pet MaxCBD Capsules for Dogs” containing 2.6% CBD (the highest percentage of all test results), .1% THC, and .1% CBC (cannabichromene).

Stay away from the products and companies mentioned above, and keep staying tuned to our website.

All Our Products are CBD Rich and Legal

Recently CBD products have been scrutinized and rightfully so, but that should not be a reason to come down on the whole CBD industry and marketplace. There have been many high quality products rich with CBD on the market. We have tested many cbd oil products and we will always make sure to provide the best legal products that are CBD-rich.

It is our opinion, that CBD and similar compound products have been sold prior to commencement and public notice of any substantial clinical investigations instituted on CBD. The investigations that were publicized highlighting GW were not substantial, due to being limited in number and preliminary in nature, thereby rendering any possible IND preclusion inapplicable.

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